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  • ClaretLaKhabary
    Cannot figure out if it's even possible to send a PM via Zen-thingy ... which is not very "zen", imo .. just sayin - Anyway -
    Pretty sure you know already, but in case 'not' ... "InMotion" [if that's not being spoofed ... maybe 'also'?] is owned by Balpein Hammerer, who created [the claim is] an "optimized" bot-maker at some point [before he got into s**t with the founders after the first couple of crossings 'discussions' he got into with them and Jim].
    I don't know what the situation there is any more, so staying out of it but the talk of identifiers in private mentor area on zendesk made me think of all that and I'd have to say that it might be easier on everyone if all are on the same page how to handle bots on IDI. I know Ele's got hers there and she leaves the freebie box of her bot-script/creator at the landing - just not sure what sort of view she might have on Bal [or someone spoofing him] dropping bot-bombs at the entrance [hoping they'll go unnoticed, I suspect]
    March 21
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    December 2016