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San Miguel Homes for Rent

Judy DresslerJudy Dressler Posts: 217
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San Miguel is most West region in Walking Dreamer Estate (and most West of all IW contiguous regions), next to Tupaia Bay. It received a complete overhaul last year in terraforming, new canal, new builds, new vegetation.

West side of San Miguel is fully residential, with very nice and great haciendas made by elin egoyan! Walking Dreamer Estate was first to buy and make ellin's new mesh haciendas available to renters. They are absolutely georgous, well builded, and equipped.

All haciendas (tree different styles), named with Mexican/Spanish women names, are layout on land so that views are great while preserving privacy. Not one hacienda is directly overlooking another one or it's swimming pool. Separation of parcels has been done the "green" way. No walls except for Marina boundaries.

All haciendas have a real water swimming pool, not fake water! They have been digged out of the ground and for two haciendas (Carina and Calista) that was deep digging but worth the spot :-). They come unfurnished so you can furnish at your taste. All have a BBQ.

On East side of San Miguel, facing Tabor Atoll, is Holokai Marina able to host up to 16 boats on various pier sizes and giving entrance to region deep canal, part of Walking Dreamer Estate water ways. All renters of a hacienda in San Miguel get a free pier in Holokai Marina (the piers without a rent box). But also non estate residents can rent a pier that has a rent box. All of Marina is rezz for all, auto return 30 minutes. You can rezz and sail East to rejoin the Straits. San Miguel residents will have no autoreturn on their boats.

Holokai Marina

Haciendas Adriana, Adelina, Aurelia and Angelina:

Haciendas Calista and Carina

Hacienda Alejendra

At landing point you will see a panel. If the hacienda is available for rent the button on this teleport panel will be green, else it will be red and will refuse teleport.
This was made so that you will not disturb renters by teleporting right to their house porch.
Something you will appreciate not to happen to you if you do rent.

Rent boxes are near haciendas main door. Price is per week (minimal 4 weeks), prims available on parcel (not counting those of owner and house ) will be indicated. Click on rent box and choose "infos".

Pay the box 4 weeks to begin rent. Paying less will be refused and refunded.
Please contact me immediately by IM so I can come secure/lock all external doors of your villa and invite you to the estate group, as you need to wear the estate tag to rezz your own prims and begin occupation.

SHOULD I NOT BE THERE when you rent (I'm on European time) and should you loose a day for this I will of course compensate it.

Come and see this totally reworked region, part of 12 regions in the Walking Dreamer Estate. A estate made with passion and hard work to give you great surroundings, landscapes, and places to visit by all.

Feel free to sail, fly, roam it! Dare go West!

SLURL to San Miguel Residential:
http://places.inworldz.com/San Miguel/107/139/22

SLURL to Holokai Marina:
http://places.inworldz.com/San Miguel/228/242/25

Both locations are in InWordz Explorer Hud also.
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