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Judy DresslerJudy Dressler Posts: 217
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I tried. Since December 2016 I offered services that IW was not giving anymore.

I did hold on a year while being spitted upon by some well known names in InWorldz, in the IW "Community forums", and/or by private IM's.

I also met IW citizens who saw real forums here and added their content over 2017. But those were not in number to justify this application and extra work. Just look at "members" and date of first and last visit.... Says all.

I'm not going to maintain/upgrade, even less pay for a SSL certificate for four, max five, active members.

I did hold back on many plugins and software updates. I participated as much as I could.
And did not bare anyone from registering.

Fully structured classifieds adds were never really used here. Only by a very few. Including myself.
Today it is obvious to me why they vanished from IW forums. It was all planned from start.
For same reasons the future of the FREE InWorldz Explorer Hud services might be at stake, as soon as new "places" services will be offered by the private Marketplace.

I want to thank those, especially Rig Torok, who did contribute to content here on a regular base.
I want to thank ALL that contributed without making this place a drama arena. They proved it was possible.
We never had to moderate. And yes we had a moderator.
The real reasons for the deletions of the old IW forums are to be searched elsewhere than so called "drama".

The last IWNewz session has proven to me, and many others, IW does not listen to it's citizens anymore. Especially many years active members. We did not need "tips" on how to sell ourselves ty! We wanted answers on way more important subjects. If we ever get them.

Killing these forums will not be a pleasant moment and action for me. But I got lots of those in my now long life and will get over it. Like I turned the page on others. And some people.... RL and IW.

I bend. I don't break.

To those who neglected to participate, you decided of the fate of these modern REAL forums.
To those who rejoice and think you have won. Be sure you have only lost a modern IW asset I would have volunteered, for free, to integrate in IW websites.

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The Village has reached "vanishing point".

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde.
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