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CSA PathFinder II New Gen V1.0

Judy DresslerJudy Dressler Posts: 217
edited November 22 in Vehicles
The very successful Pathfinder helicopter has now been upgraded to the mesh Pathfinder II New Generation. Out today, with demo to try first as usual. If you own a Pathfinder (still prims & sculpties) contact me for a free upgrade. You will be spoiled!

What's in this 2017 upgrade?

LOTS. This is a more than a simple upgrade for flight script with auto-pilot but a complete mesh rebuild of the Pathfinder that was previously only prims and sculpties. Not a part is left of original, apart from main rotor and flight sticks. All the rest has been redone in mesh. Not prim-o-mesh (IW export to Collada) but original mesh made in 3d tool.

Land Impact 104 - Physical Cost 7.

PathFinder II details

New floats recenter under new side boxes
New seats
New detailed instruments panel with back light on demand for night flights.
New battery and connections
New landing lamp and light (not a wearable anymore but part of the build).
New Fuel reservoirs
New tail rotor inherited from latest Bell 206.
New cabin floor (thanks to Benski Trenkins for Metal materials)
New pedals with materials
New rear superstructure with better, crisper tubing and correct alignment
New nav lights (not a wearable anymore but part of the build).
New engine more closer to real air cooled vertical 6 cylinder Franklin O-335/6AC engine with new exhaust pipes
New working engine cooler fan at start up/stop
New cockpit enclosure with roof
Reposition of heading, altitude, region hovertext for better reading in flight and dynamic camera

New main flight script supporting new chat commands for autopilot, instruments lights, nav lights, landing lights
Automatic beacon at start of engine
Synched engine cooler fan rotation
Revised rotors scripts (will rotate at start only, not at rezz).

Remark on floats.
Also redone they can still be switched invisible by chat command. New sledge will then be exposed.
When taking off from water apply some forward impulse (forward arrow) while you press page up at same time to gain enough speed to counter water resistance (scripted) and take off.

Pathfinder is boxed with floats out.

Original Pathfinder has been taken out from vendor and sent to recycling.
For those who bought original Pathfinder, rezz both old and new side by side and see the differences:-)

The Heli Taxi and the Mash heli mesh updates will follow asap.

Judy Dressler
Clear Skies Aviation
"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde.
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