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Tours Category in InWorldz Explorer Hud & First Tour Open!

Judy DresslerJudy Dressler Posts: 217
I'm happy to present another way for regions owners to use the free services of the InWorldz Explorer Hud.
Make tours!

An idea from Trouble Mooncurser I was happy to support & deploy as soon as she and other region owners in their community did bring together LM's of all locations in tour and agree on name of tour.

Note this is different from the RP category where RP locations are. Including RP Hub.

The "Black Powder sea and Continental Seas Tour" is now live and you can visit it's 13 locations with the Explorer Hud.
Wear the InWorldz Explorer V16 - Hit the category button - Go back one page in menu - Hit Tours.

And voilà. You are ready to take the very first tour the hud can support. Always told you hud is more than shops :-)
For other communities, interested in doing their own tour, contact me and I will tell you what to do.

Each locations in hud is named "name of tour - location", in alphabetical order.
So you will see "Black Powder sea and Continental Seas Tour - Amstel Harbor" as first location and
"Black Powder sea and Continental Seas Tour - Balvenie Towers" as second location, etc.

Enjoy your tour and let these guys have visits in their wonderful regions and places.
They deserve it!

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde.


  • By "Tour" I never meant a tour inside one single region (reply to some questions I get).

    By "Tours" I mean to offer a service to multiple regions owners that come together to organize a permanent round trip of their regions on a theme. I could make one for the aviation community but "airports" are already in Hud under their own category. Same for Marinas and the sailing community.

    Black Powder sea and Continental Seas Tour is original as it gathers 13 regions of owners that are NOT part of the same estate or have any commercial goal (rent/land sales). They want visits and people to have fun. For this they also did provide teleports panels to guide visitors inside each region.

    The MAIN goal of Tours in Explorer Hud is to retain IW citizens.

    Don't be surprised to start Black Powder sea and Continental Seas Tour in a prison cell under a castle, or catch leper on a island. Been there when I checked all locations before adding to hud (I always do this for new locations)

    Yes my leper is healing :-)
    "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde.
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