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Calling for group ownership of a 2x2

Ed HinterlandEd Hinterland Posts: 25
edited October 21 in Land Rentals
Hello everyone,

On 20th August I read a message on the official forums, posted by a lady who had just acquired a 2x2 and was searching for someone to take care of it. I met her two days later and she hired me. In September she appointed me co-owner, as she was very satisfied with my work.

Yet her job conditions have brutally changed, and yesterday she told me she wouldn't have the financial means to pay for the monthly tier any longer.

Since the day I was hired, I have worked hard every single day or so to make the sims as beautiful as possible, with hilly landscapes and a spectacular coastline. I have terraformed and landscaped the sims, built several houses that are to be put up for rent, a mall, and there is also a harbour waiting to be built.

I must say I am very sad about the news, as I can't afford paying $85 a month all by myself. It breaks my heart to think that all the work I have passionately done may vanish in a few days.

That's why I'm posting this message to call for people who would agree to share the monthly tier with me by creating a group and buying the land collectively.

I know this sounds like wishful thinking, but I'm trying all the same. Here's a LM to a place from where you can explore the 2x2 and judge for yourself, bearing in mind that the work is far from being finished :

http://places.inworldz.com/Mystic Home/19/93/31

Thank you for reading this message. If you are not personally interested but know someone who might be, don't hesitate to contact me all the same.
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  • AstoriaLAstoriaL Posts: 86
    Hi Ed, don't be discouraged. I have been part of a small landholding group as you describe since I first came to IW, so it is definitely possible.

    One thing to note though - although you can certainly deed to a landgroup and share in the costs, you will still need one person to be the "official" land owner in the eyes of InWorldz, who pays the tier. They don't have any way to divide that up.

    The best way to do this in my view, is to team up with people that you know and trust, because if someone doesn't pay their share, the official landowner is still responsible to pay to InWorldz.

    Best of luck to you, I hope that you can find someone who is interested.
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