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September 11th - 16 years

I'm not often given to public demonstrations of emotion or deep reflection on the past.

... but today, this moment, I find myself unable to still the voice that pushes me to openly reflect for just a moment or two...

I don't think there are many who aren't aware of what today 'is'. Sixteen years is, perhaps, an odd span for a day to mean something any more deep and specific to anyone than any "anniversary" to come before ... Yet, it seems, for me, this year -is-.

I'm not saying I'm "jaded" ... it's not all "old hat" and I do 'feel' the moment when I attend an event and someone stands to speak to the gathering. ... but I'm very aware that speeches are meant to be meaningful to the listener. I don't cry at weddings or funerals [not because I don't celebrate or grieve but ... well ... there are reasons]. There isn't much ado there ... the words of a public speaker are always "intended" to draw emotion from those present. As a military veteran I trained myself, early on, to be circumspect in this regard ... to be moved, internally, but not to show more than something akin to empathy for the rest in the gathering in my expression as the words washed over me at events [it was considered a sign of a good leader to have that sort of control of one's self... and that's where my career was headed in those days]. There's not much ado there and, after a time, doing so became natural, a "habit" that has clung to me for a quarter of a century.

But ... Moments ago the national news broadcast a [live] speech that seized my attention to the exclusion of everything else... That speech came from a lonely and, otherwise nondescript, field - in Pennsylvania. I will not relate more. I'm sure it will be replayed "ad nausea" and anyone interested in viewing or hearing it will draw their own, personal, "take away". As for this veteran and former red crosser ... My heart was filled with much more than grief ... or patriotism ... or pride.

I was moved.
To tears.
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