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Using a bridge between two sims

Ed HinterlandEd Hinterland Posts: 25
edited September 4 in Builders Help
Hi everyone,

I've been trying to put a bridge between two regions in a 2x2, but whatever I do, the bridge behaves as a phantom object the moment you cross the border, and you end up falling under water. This is what I did to try to fix the problem : first I split the bridge into two, one half on each side, which didn't work ; then I attached a mother prim to it as everybody does with off-sim stuff, and it didn't work either. Now I'm out of ideas...
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  • AstoriaLAstoriaL Posts: 86
    Hey Ed,
    You need to put up 2 copies of your bridge, one on each region, overlapping each other at the border.
  • As Ast says. My taxiways overlap at sim crossings between Harriet Quimby and Sanctuary Bay.
    Only way to solve it. And then fiddle hard with textures to hide this :-D
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  • Ast, I'm puzzled by your answer. I haven't tried to do that yet, but won't the two overlapping (whole) bridges 'vibrate' when you look at them closely? What puzzles me even more is seeing that two half-bridges, one on each sim, don't solve the problem...
    "I can resist everything except temptation" Oscar Wilde
  • AstoriaLAstoriaL Posts: 86
    Another way you could do it would be to put a non-phantom invisible prim for the floor of the bridge on the second region, but then people could fall through what appear to be the sides. The objects need to overlap.
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