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Fishing Contests now available in InWorldz!!

Judy DresslerJudy Dressler Posts: 217
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Trouble Mooncurser and Judy Dressler are happy to release today

The Region-Estate Fishing Contest System 1.1.

Go fishing anywhere in your region and invite participants to a contest!
In your box you will find:
- Fishing Contest Judge Server V1.3
- Fishing Tackle giver
- README! Fishing Contest System - Owner Instructions

The server ( a blue computer box) is your Contest Judge and giver of fish catches to participants. Up to 32 different possible catches in server. The Tackle giver will give a free fishing gear to participants, including a tackle to sit on, a fishing rod, and a user note.

There is no hud for this system and the server does not use any sensors. So no lag in your region.

All objects for catches are in server content tab, and it will make a list in memory of them at reset. So you are free to add your own between contests or use the 40 given at purchase. Just hit the reset button on menu when done.

During contest (by default 10 minutes, but you can change duration) the server will give fishes at random to registered participants. Some turns there will be "no catch" at all. Some will give amazing fishes made by Trouble, and some very odd objects also ....

At end of contest, the Judge will declare who won (highest number of catches) and will deliver a "big prize" to the winner. You can change this big prize in config card also.

You can organize as much contests as you want in your region and change catches and "big prize" at will. Participants can keep their free tackle and rod, and go participate to other contests in other regions.

BIG FUN guaranteed and a way for region/estate owners to attract people in your region and/or keep your renters happy!

Fishing System Attributions
Idea of contest, tackle, rod, great "fishy catches" : Trouble Mooncurser
Scripting/Testing/Packaging of system: Judy Dressler - Borealis Solutions

Go get it here !
http://places.inworldz.com/Speyside Islands/151/162/25

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